Breakthrough Review

Which brings us to the worse aspects when it comes to the story’s focus on Joyce for the majority of Breakthrough’s narrative. Most of her story in the film is made of moments where she shouts down anyone who brings a negative word to the table, and chastises any and every medical professional for seemingly not doing enough to save her son. While this is eventually addressed and resolved in the film, it makes it hard to root for this character, even with her son’s life on the line. It’s a very human performance, but the story could have handled this conflict a little better if it had either toned down Joyce’s combativeness, or addressed it consistently throughout the film. For what it’s worth, Chrissy Metz, and the cast that supports her through the film, handle the material with ease and restraint. This, in turn, makes the best out of what the script gave them. It’s just may not be enough to save the whole story.

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