THE 15:17 TO PARIS Official Trailer (2018) Clint Eastwood, Thalys Thriller Movie HD

THE 15:17 TO PARIS Official Trailer (2018) Clint Eastwood Thriller Movie HD
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  1. Yoruichi Shihoin

    The comment section is toxic yet uplifting. Gee apparently being on the left means you don't support the men who laid down their lives for a train full of people. Any idiot who wants to keep trying to start shit, just stop and enjoy the trailer and go see the movie. These men are true heroes and so are any other people who jumped in to help. This movie wasn't meant to divide so don't try to divide people in the comment section.

  2. Luis Manzo

    This movie was so terrible it was funny lmao , the acting was sooo bad and cringing , and the dialogue was trashhh like wtf Clint ?! Lol literally like 80% of the movie was not needed and didn’t add nothing to the story, i felt like it just filler so they stretch out the movie to make it seem longer

  3. Dr. Edwconr

    This movie is a must-see; hope for the young people who are so very capable…and actually do 'the right thing' when called upon to do so. There is evil in this world, BUT GOD, thanks in then name of Jesus Christ, there is more good than evil in this world.

  4. Tom Cool

    Good propaganda is based on truth instead of lies.  This is good propaganda.  They are trying to sell the race-mixing message so that Gentiles lose their racial identity while Jews keep their's strong and united.  Second, they are selling the anti-Muslim propaganda because Jews and Muslims are at war with each other.  Better that Gentiles die in their wars than Jews die.  Third message is join the military so you can fight the Jew's enemies.  They link it with strong emotion to really make it stick in your head.
        It makes me want to go find a Black friend and join the military again and kill some Muslims for Israel.  Not !
        My only question is what does Clint Eastwood get out of this?
        Maybe admiration from his Jewish friends and lots of money.  I don't know.

  5. John Briggs

    It's getting lambasted critically . Again, terrific that they chose to to tell this story. But the play's the thing and, as a movie, if it can't stand on its own, it's open to criticism on some level. Then again, attendance will ultimately determine if it's a success because it's really the only metric the studio will always welcome.

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