SPIDERMAN Into the SpiderVerse TRAILER ✩ 2018

Meet Miles Morales and the limitless possibilities of the SpiderVerse , where more than one can wear the mask.

SPIDERMAN Into the SpiderVerse TRAILER
Genre : Action, Super Hero, Blockbuster, Animation
© 2018 – SNY Pictures ✩


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  1. Joe Mama

    Oh boy! A black Spiderman! Now I want a gender neutral one , an over powered female one , one that survived the " holocaust" that was forced to use his hebrew spider powers to make lampshades, a weak white male one that constantly needs saving by the female ones, and a pink haired hacker girl one. Did I leave anything out???

  2. Larry Singleton

    Yep, more leftist multicultural bullshit from Hollywood. Every movie gots to have its obligatory token minority. Never thought I'd see the day when "blacks" were shoved down my throat. This all comes from our now fascist universities "cultural diversity" and "virtue signaling". Having a "liberal arts" "education" in a "college" or "university" "studies" on their resumes should be the kiss of death for all job applicants.

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