READY PLAYER ONE Trailer # 2 – Steven Spielberg’s VR Movie

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  1. Andrew Hallam

    I know looking at the trailer many things look to be different than in the book but this is normal, some things written in books don't translate well to film and you have to condense a book into an hour and a half film so obviosly a lot will be left out, the " welcome to the rebelion Wade " line is a bit worrying because ofcourse nothing like that is in the book, but Ernest Cline, the writer apparently had some imput in the film so we just have to hope it's good. Movies are never as good as the book but lets hope it's a good story, even if its a bit different 🙂

  2. Human Observer

    So you have this great book for material, an amazing creative story thats already completed, a perfect movie concept from beginning to end, and you decide not to use it? I'll never understand what's going on in the minds of these Hollywood filmmakers. They have no imagination or creativity and to top it off they seem to reject imagination and creativity from any source. Wouldn't be harder and take more time to sit around and come up with ways to fuck a perfect story up rather than just use it?

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