The continuation of “Pacific Rim” where humanity is confronted with monstrous creatures coming from the bottom of the seas.

A Movie directed by Steven S. DeKnight
Cast : Scott Eastwood, Tian Jing, Adria Arjona
Release Date : 28 February 2018
Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

PACIFIC RIM 2 : UPRISING Trailer Teaser (John Boyega, Sci-Fi – 2018)
© 2017 – Legendary Pictures

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  1. Chris Hughes

    Ahem, where to begin? As someone who had their butt firmly planted in a seat on opening night of the original, I can safely say that PR2 looks like it will be just as awesome in different ways. Yes yes, we've all heard the whining about how this looks like transformers or power rangers. Look, it isn't gonna be the same without GDT or the nearly $200 million budget of the first one. But for a live action movie about giant human controlled mechs, this looks 10 times better than either crapformers or power turds. First of all, the robotic action is far clearer and more realistic from a physics point of view than anything I ever saw in transformers or power rangers. Secondly, yes these mechs do not look as weighted down as they probably should, but that's not consistently the case throughout all the scenes. It is certainly debatable, and no one is in a position to make final judgments til the final product comes out. Third, think about what kind of statement you're making when you complain about this property. Part of the REASON that movies like Pacific Rim rarely get made is because film companies do not want to take risks. This is a movie that at my last check was clocking in at over $150 million for the budget. Do you want to see original properties like this tossed to the side in place of another 20 transformers? No, this movie will not be perfect. No, it will not be as good as the original. No it will not likely blow anyone away with an immersive story and amazing acting. But for what it is, it sure as hell looks a helluva lot better than any other live action mega budget mech movie I can think of. By the way, anyone who whines about the CGI not being as pretty as the first one, of course it's gonna take a hit: they wouldn't have greenlit another $200 million movie. Be thankful we got what we got, and support this franchise so it has a chance to grow and expand and get better. Otherwise, Michael Bay will be directing "Transformers: Nuclear Holocaust 3" from his senior retirement center in 30 years.

  2. Jays Y

    Another movie with kids taking adult roles.. They don't even have all their teeth fully grown yet and they are going to pilot gigantic robots versus deadly monsters.. Yup, that's what they do in middle-school..

  3. alex pears

    The reason why pacific rim was a huge sucess is based on the two following aspects:
    1) The scale was large, the robots looked and felt huge and the monsters looked and felt huge, from this trailer the yaegers move more like power rangers than million tons of steel and metal.
    2) Bad ass orchestral music, this trailer has some weird yolo swag music wtf.

  4. Kim Johnson

    I don't like watching trailers before movies but I saw a preview of this on twitter. Not to judge too critically but it appears that the animation/cgi budget dropped some compared to the first movie. Maybe it has to do with many scenes in the trailer occurring in daytime that it shows so strongly. In Pacific Rim they used darkness and rain to help cover the jagers to make them more realistic. It just seems a little off. Still will probably see it because they brought back some of the og casts and because I love John Boyega but it just seems to be missing something.

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