HEATHERS Trailer (Teen Comedy, 2018)

TV version of the 1988 black comedy, Heathers, where an outcast student plots to kill the cool kids…

HEATHERS Trailer (2018) Teenage TV Series
Creator : Jason A. Micallef
Cast : Adwin Brown, Romel De Silva, Shannen Doherty
Release Date : March 7, 2018
Genre : Comedy

HEATHERS Trailer (Teen Comedy, 2018)
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  1. Loneone seven

    why don't film directors remake shit old films and try and make them better instead of trying remaking shit hot old films and make everything the world think wtf is happening. KIDS JUST WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM HEATHERS. THEY WILL TRY AND REMAKE THE BREAKFAST CLUB AND PUMP UP THE VOLUME NEXT.

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