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Check out the new trailer for Disobedience starring Rachel Weisz! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz, Alessandro Nivola
Starring: April 27, 2018
Directed By: Sebastián Lelio
Synopsis: A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish home after the death of her rabbi father and stirs up controversy when she shows an interest in an old childhood friend.

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  1. Jah Gee

    Religion bad……same sex relations ok…..um….interesting. Regardless……same movie …about the same thing all the time.. closeted gays….sigh we said more original movies no rehashing the same thing…call me by ur name, brokevack mountain, moonlight,…. Bleh ….garbage.

  2. OverREACTOR3000

    Prepare for a awesome Movie about hypocritical Sex-Scenes because Hollywood has no problem with showing to straight people fuck the shit out of each other but won't do the same when it comes to homosexual sex. So let's just hope that the British are not so uptight… oh well. Forget where I was going to!

  3. chissstardestroyer

    My answer to her is thus: "You might always have had that temptation, but that's absolutely NO excuse for fornicating with someone of the same sex, or anyone else by the way, or what's worse: adultery!"
    That's actually a good answer to anyone prone to lust: there's no excuse whatsoever for fornicating, or worse: adultery!
    Sincerely grateful for this video, and the ability to reply to this video;

  4. 4c1dr3fl3x

    Automatic Academy Award nomination just for the identity politics alone, vs. something about slavery, vs. something with Meryl Streep. Gonna be a close call, and they don't even have to watch the movies to make their decision.

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